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61) Ann Muehleisen
When Mary and I went to Natchitoches for the 30th anniversary of Maury's death, we were treated royally by our new friends, Robert, Maynard, Lanie, Mark, Cat, Billy, Lindsay, Sam, Patti, Terrance and Belle. Walking around this beautiful southern town by the Cane River Lake and attending the "inaugural meat pie festival with great music and friendly people was wonderful. We walked through the stores and bought presents for family and friends. Lanie took us to the radio station where we talked with Rodney Harrington (a.k.a. Johnny Earthquake), listened to one of Maury's songs from his Gingerbreadd album and ate meat pie. We met so many nice people and had so much to talk about each night before going to sleep. The most difficult, nostalgic and incredibly moving part of our trip was the time we spent walking around the Natchitoches Regional Airport where Maury and Jim took their flight into heaven. From Prather Colloseum, across the Cane River Lake, to the airport - it was all right there - just a small airport. It held so many answers to questions we've wanted to ask for 30 years. Someday we'll have those answers, but by then it won't matter, because we'll be with Maury. I've learned a lot about love in the past 30 years, and trying to make the most out of the time I have on this earth. I'm sure Maury is sending smiles and blessings to everyone who has written in this guestbook and to all of the people yet to hear about it. It's been such a pleasure to read everyone's thoughts and memories and to see names that I haven't seen for years. I read these messages with smiles and tears, and want you all to know that it's so nice to hear from you. Billy McGlone, you write beautifully. I can't believe I used to want to be a nun. Boy, did that not work out!
Thanks, everyone, for remembering so much and making our lives richer for the memories and the friendships.
Love, Ann

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